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Your lease or permit number is located at the top of any invoice you have received or on the lease/permit documents, referenced as 'KE Lease Number'

Commercial purpose includes:
  1. Obtaining records which will be used for sale or resale,
  2. Obtaining names and address for purpose of solicitation, or
  3. The sale of names and addresses for the purpose of solicitation or any other purpose in which the purchaser can reasonably anticipate monetary gain. A.R.S. §39-121.03
This does not include the use of public records as evidence or research for evidence in an action. it also does not include obtaining records for journalistic purposes. 

The Arizona State Land Department is located at:
1616 W. Adams St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed on State Holidays

Recreational Permits can be purchased online at: